markus s fiedler - be happy 2017

an exhibition at showroom des bundes, july 10 2017
- july 22 2017

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The Ende

eine Spunst Produktion 2017

everything yellow you saw is beeswax of different ages, pollen-density,
re-cycling status and varying amounts of sun-yellow and acid-yellow pigments.
there are some names for the artworks.
most of them sound something like "slack shapes", "faule form" or "loose loop".
there is the "dropped icecream sculpture", "replacement-part for a giant
soft robot", "spilled juice", "lip wax", "cool sweater"
and things that are syllables themself.
guests got greeted with orange-juice with vanilla icecream floating in it.
the soundscape playing on this website was presented in a live-arrangement
of fieldrecordings, samples and playing a waxofone.
there was scent, water, ultrasound, electricity and "meet me 2pm at giggling rock".
giggles and singing were recorded with max forrest.
i heated some beeswax and every guest could do
a scribbling on water with it,
drops on bottlecaps happened.