Noise, click and sinewaves get generated by Java Script.
Bees is a field-recording taken from .
Synths taken from "Existence in the Unfurling"
by Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith .
Whole Earth consists of one song from each
country on earth playing simultaneously.
Rhythm taken from "A" by Nisennenmondai.

Concept and coding by Markus S Fiedler.
Public beta 2017.

General info:
NOiSE~ is an electric toy written in html and java script.
It deals with noise both visually and soncially,
a situation in which all frequencies
and pixels are treated equally.
The coloring of the pixels gets
created in a chance-operated
high-frequency write-wipe-loop.
(This is write-wipe-loop #4.)
The color, distribution, size and speed
of the shapes generated can be modulated.
White noise and sinewaves get created directly in code.
One can add loops of rhythm, synths, bees
and the whole earth to the sonic situation.
This software works in recent versions
of firefox & chrome.
It is made for bigger screens,
like your mobile will be too small for this.
Transmissions in wax.
Dance with me.